How Does the Laser Nozzle Affect the Fiber Cutting machine?

Fiber Laser Nozzle

If we talk about innovations in technology, we cannot proceed without mentioning laser technology. The way the energy has been harnessed from the nozzle is phenomenal. The major area where laser nozzles are making their presence felt is laser cutting machines.
Due to its high accuracy and precision, the nozzle has proven to be the greatest alternative to all other technologies. Laser cutting machines are super-fast and they get the job done in the most efficient way possible.

In the fiber laser nozzle cutting process, the main factors affecting the cutting quality performance include laser beam quality, laser power, cutting speed, workpiece thickness, material type, etc. In addition, the nozzle design of the nozzle is also an important factor. So how does the laser nozzle affect the cutting fiber cutting machine?

We usually install the nozzle on the front end of the fiber laser raytool nozzle, which helps to control the auxiliary gas and protect the focus lens.

when the nozzle center differs from the laser center, it produces the following effects:

1. When the cutting gas is sprayed, the gas volume is not uniform, so one side of the cut part is more likely to melt, and the other side is not on the molten side. In particular, when the thickness of the cut metal plate exceeds 3 mm, the impact is more severe, and sometimes cannot be cut.

2. When the workpiece is cut with sharp or small angles, an excessive local melting point occurs, which affects the quality of the laser cutting nozzle. This also makes it impossible to cut thick plates.

3. Especially when a thick plate is punched, it will cause instability in the perforation process, the timing is not easy to control, and the penetration of the thick plate will cause excessive melting.

When the nozzle diameter varies, the cutting quality of the laser nozzle cutting machine will have the following effects:

You must know laser nozzle have different diameters, such as 1.0mm, 1.5mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm, 3.0mm. At present, the nozzle aperture generally uses two sizes: 1.5mm and 2mm.

  1. Sheet thickness below 3mm

The diameter of the copper nozzle is 1.5mm, which is more suitable for the plate below 3mm, and the cutting surface is thinner. If using a 2mm diameter copper nozzle, the cutting surface will be thick so the corners melt easily.

  1. Sheet thickness above 3mm

When laser cutting nozzle plates with a thickness of more than 3 mm, due to the high cutting power, the cutting time is relatively increased with longer heat dissipation times. If a 1.5 mm diameter copper nozzle is used, the gas diffusion area is small and unstable in use, but it is used seamlessly. However, if a copper nozzle with a diameter of 2mm is used, the gas diffusion area is large given that the gas flow rate is slow, and the cutting becomes stable.

  1. The thickness of the sheet is 10 mm. At over.

Copper nozzles with a diameter of 2.5 mm are used only for cutting plates 10 mm or thicker.

As we tell you, the size of the nozzle seriously affects the cutting quality and perforation quality. Currently, nozzles with 1.5mm and 2 mm apertures are used in laser cutting.

During the fiber laser ospri/WSX nozzle cutting process, the workpiece and the nozzle need to maintain a constant distance to prevent splashes from occurring again during the cutting process. The diameter of the nozzle determines the size of the gas flow entering the kiln, the gas diffusion area, and the gas flow rate, thereby affecting the melt removal and cutting stability. The gas flow in the kiln is large, which makes the position of the workpiece in the gas flow suitable with the speedup, and the ability to spray the melt increases more. Therefore, the larger the selected nozzle aperture, the worse the protection of the focusing lens, because when the spark of molten splash, the probability of a bomb is very high, shortening the life of the lens. When the nozzle deforms or the nozzle melts, its effect on the cutting quality increases.

Therefore, the nozzle should be used carefully and should not be damaged to avoid deformation. Make them clean the melted stains on the nozzle in a timely manner. Keep the nozzle precise during manufacturing and it needs to be installed correctly. If they change conditions during the cutting process because of poor nozzle quality, they should replace the nozzle in time. We also supply products like laser nozzle, wsx/raytool, ceramic holders, protection window, focusing/collimating lens, safety goggles, laser welding spares, sensor cable, fiber laser ceramic etc. If you want to know more about the nozzle of a fiber laser cutter, please contact Fiber Laser Spares.


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